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There is power in prayer.
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An inspired message is breathed;
It is not thought.
~~ K. G. Mills

It is with great excitement that I offer
to you this collection of special quotes,
stories and poems that were all located
from clippings, internet or sent to me by
others. I began sending these inspirations
out to my friends via Internet as I found it
gave them an outlet from our very busy world
to sit, relax and enjoy a few
minutes for themselves at the same time inspiring them.
All that I share comes from my heart and
I pray that in some little way they will
help you, comfort you, or affect you in
a positive way in your daily life just as
they have affected me.
Enjoy and God Bless

Please feel free to leave a comment in my
Guestbook or send an email via the contact form.

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